Build end-to-end Social Login screen in Nuxt & Django

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Personal technology preferences after building many projects in the past

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  • Prefers API-first development that automatically generates API documentation for you. It’s always…

Planning my future be like…

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My journey to relearn JavaScript after so many years and how you can start too

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Who Am I

Write your first event-driven workers

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What Is a Message Queue in the First Place?

One of the most instructive ways to wrap your head around a new language

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Why Golang?

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What we’ll learn here

  • What it takes to provision a PV in Kubernetes dynamically
  • What is Rancher’s Local Path Provisioner
  • How to use Rancher’s Local Path Provisioner
  • How dynamic storage external-provisioner works

Mohamad Fadhil

Software Engineer, building tiny part of CDN. See me on

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