Refreshing JWT Token and recommended settings for production environment

Refreshing a JWT Token

We are not done yet! Even though our app can authenticate a new user correctly, our still Nuxt app cannot refresh its JWT token. When the token is expired, and the token refresh is failed, the user will be logged out unexpectedly. This would be a bad experience for your user.

Build end-to-end Social Login screen in Nuxt & Django

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on a side project. One of the requirements is to enable the user to sign in to the application using Google social login. The web app is built using Nuxt for the frontend and Django REST Framework for the backend.

Build a reliable worker with graceful shutdown capability

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What is a worker?

A worker is a program that listens to the events in your system and performs actions in the background asynchronously. Asynchronous means the worker performs the action in the background outside the request-response cycle, so the user doesn’t have to wait for the execution to finish. For example, when a new user is registered to your SaaS product, a worker will listen to the user registration event and send a welcome email. We’ll continue with this example throughout this article.

  • The streaming worker will process each message…

It has caused a lot of frustrations among Malaysians to book their vaccine appointment


On 26th May 2021, the Malaysian government opens up vaccination slots to everyone in Kuala Lumpur and major cities in Malaysia. The registration form opens at 12 pm local time. Due to that, thousands (or perhaps millions) of Malaysians are getting ready in front of their computer to fight for the vaccination slot. Only ~1M slots are available to grab among 30M unvaccinated Malaysians.

Personal technology preferences after building many projects in the past

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  • Prefers API-first development that automatically generates API documentation for you. It’s always…

This is how I plan my future, and you should do it too!

Planning my future be like…

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My journey to relearn JavaScript after so many years and how you can start too

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Who Am I

I am a full-time software engineer working on CDN products. I spent my entire professional career (~three years) working with back-end services, primarily in Python, Java, and Lua.

Write your first event-driven workers

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What Is a Message Queue in the First Place?

Message queues (MQ) are a fundamental concept in programming and software development. In a distributed system, a message queue is the backbone of the system. A message queue allows inter-process communication between services/applications in your system (eg. Service A can talk to Service B).

Mohamad Fadhil

Software Engineer, building tiny part of CDN. See me on

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